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Mission Mountain Organic Eggs is a small family farm located in Northwestern Montana near the base of the beautiful Mission Mountain range.  It was begun by John and Crystal Walkup and is now carried on by their oldest son, Chase, and his wife, Samantha, along with their young children.  It’s a certified organic operation, and the chickens are fed certified organic rations of wheat, barley, oats, and field peas raised by local area organic farmers supplemented with fish meal as prescribed by the natural health doctor, Dr. Mercola, as a preferred method for people to enjoy the benefits of fish oil without the unpleasant fish oil pills.  During the grazing seasons (spring through fall), the chickens are daily turned out to pastures to happily graze and catch bugs while in the winter, they are turned out on winter yards and fed the farm’s own certified organic grass and legume hay.  Since what goes into the chicken ends up in their eggs, these chickens’ diets are certified organic and completely corn and soy free.   

For more information please see www.missionmountainorganiceggs.com.

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