Cult Crackers

Local brand Cult Crackers, is a women-owned cracker company run by Birgitta and Dianna, friends who met when their daughters were in school together. They bake their insanely good organic gluten-free & grain-free crackers at the Berkeley Kitchens, a community of small food producers. 

You'll want to try these perfect little nutrient-dense crackers. Their Classic Seed Crackers are made with six different seeds, sunflower, sesame, chia, pumpkin, hemp and flax, and non-gmo, organic and certified gluten-free corn flour and cornmeal that is milled specially for Cult Crackers at a gluten-free mill in Oregon, so there's no cross-contamination. Their Crunchy Cassava Crackers are corn free and are made with the same six seeds and cassava flour. These hand-baked good-for-you crackers come in recyclable packaging. 

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Cult Crackers Crunchy Cassava Crackers (4.5 oz)



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