Mama Sattva Ghee

Mama Sattva has been crafting traditional fine cultured ghee since 2012 from the purest 100% organic pasture-raised local Jersey cow butter.  
Making the highest vibrational ghee is their passion for customers that appreciate and look for only the best quality foods.  All of the lactose, casein, and protein solids have been completely removed, leaving a delicious pure butter oil free of moisture and all dairy products.  (Those with sensitivities to dairy products can heartily enjoy Mama Sattva ghee products with confidence.)  Their signature low-temp batches made under the full moon each month are prepared traditionally with healing mantras, mandalas, and gem stones to amplify the 'sattvic' or healing nature of the ghee.  

Mama Sattva explains "Butter is great for you too!  The reason ghee is better than butter is because butter is energetically cold, heavy and dense and your body can not as easily absorb the rich store of antioxidants (essential fatty acids like CLA, Butyric acid, Lauric, Palmitic acid and more); once all of the dairy (the lactose, casein, and protein solids) are completely removed from the butter, the oil that remains (ghee) 

is incredibly light, warm and energetically uplifting.  Ghee is so light that it absorbs easily into the body carrying with it any other nutrition, herbs or supplements taken in with it.  It is loaded with essential fatty acids that are important for proper development, protection, and repair of many systems of the body (including especially the brain and nervous system).  Your body does not get the same absorption of powerful antioxidants when it takes in butter as it does with the ghee.  That is why the ancients revered the ghee so much and said that it 'Promotes natural intelligence in the mind and body'."  Find out more about ghee, Mama Sattva ghee company, and view a full line of available ayurvedic herb-infused ghee at

  • 100% Organic
  • Pasture-raised  
  • Non-Gluten
  • Keto/Paleo Friendly
  • lactose free
  • corn free
  • soy free
  • (No grain is given to our pasture-raised happy cows!)

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